Worst Internship Ever?

An internship on Craigslist wants interns to work from 10am - 8pmĀ answering phones, ordering client meals, and stocking and cleaning their kitchen…ALL UNPAID!!Ā 

This company basically wants someone to be their bitch for 10 hour a days…for 5 months…unpaid.Ā And what do I get in return? Nothing. No training, no on the job experience, no insight into post production.Ā Nothing.

I get it. We all have to pay our dues. This is what (most) internships are.Ā Sometimes you have to get coffee and clean up and be an errand boy to get your foot in the door. But 10 hours a day for 5 months?!Ā Unless you’re Google or Facebook, your internship is not worth that much to me. Ā I think I’ll pass.


A Little Opus


A Little Opus -Little Comets

You feel the weight of imposition, bear heavy on your own decision. Fate to face, they multiply; the crush of languageĀ and the cedent school ties, the subtle angels of tradition.